Modules: Wiwi 0.8.3 available

Posted by: Xavieron 2005/7/5 7:43:08 6366 reads
Wiwimod 0.8.3 is available for download. For those of you discovering the module, Wiwi is a wiki module for Xoops 2.x , offering smart editing features and a fine access control to the content. It can be used as a "plain" wiki for collaborative documentation, or to build a web site with editable sections upon user privileges.

New features include :

* Xoops notification support : At last ! this was a long time expected feature ; this first implementation allows you being notified when a page of your choice has been modified.

* change editor while editing : Till Xoops offer us a perfect, killer content editor, we'll have to deal with the currently available ones ; each one has its strengths an weaknesses, but depending on which browser you use, and what kind of content you produce, you'll find that such or such is best suited.
Till now, the selected editor was administrator's choice. Now "content writers" can switch from the default editor to the one best suited for their current task directly within the edit form.

* enable/disable CamelCase : Since 0.8.2 we have adopted the free links syntax : [[target page name | optional hyperlink text]. When widely using free links, automatic CamelCase links become annoying (with time, always prefixing CamelCase words with the escape "~" character is a hassle).
If you are not using CamelCase links any more, then just disable CamelCase recognition in the preferences. Of course, this means thant existing CamelCase links will have to be "bracketized" .

* new config option for Recent block : max number of items displayed.

* the "cleanup db" button in Wiwi admin is back : As a reminder : this button deletes all page revisions older than three months but the last one. Why did this button disappear in 0.8.x versions ? for bad reasons : it is ALWAYS useful to have database management tools.

Gizmhail shared some of his hacks on the forum, now integrated to the 0.8.3, introducing some new and useful tags :

* PAGE page name inserts the content of the selected page within the current page. This is particularly useful to display navigation bars, "section" reminders etc. Of course, current user's privileges are checked before displaying the included content.
* multi-level bulleted lists : starting a line with up to three stars (*) displays bulleted lists at the corresponding level. If someone volunteers to implement the same with numbered lists (level 1, level 1.1, level 1.1.1) ...

* new "._." tag that displays nothing : allows displaying reserved Wiki codes without them being interpreted. Mainly useful to display .. Wiwi Manual

Go, test and enjoy !
If you need support, check the forums here, or at