YAXS: MyWebResource - Resources for Webmasters

Posted by: JMorrison 2005/7/4 22:17:34 3952 reads
MyWebResource represents the culmination of research, lessons learned, and hard work that I have invested in my mission to become a self-taught web developer...

MyWebResource is a collection of the products, services and reference material that I have come to use regularly and trust. I have also included many links to free resources that I have used for an extended period of time, and know are worthwhile.

Regardless of your skill level, you will most likely find a resource here that either you didn’t know existed, couldn’t find, or is better than what you are currently using. Of course, I’m only one person and the Internet is quite large, so it is highly probable that you may know of a resource not listed here, or perhaps even better than what is listed here. In that case, send me an e-mail using the contact form. I’m always open to new suggestions and viewpoints.

In Addition to the resources I've found on the 'net, I'm also including my own themes and tutorials that I've produced since 2002.

My goal is to develop MyWebResource into a centralized knowledge portal for all webmasters. If you are interested in contributing any tutorials, resources, or links, please feel free to contact me by clicking HERE.

I hope that all who visit will leave with more knowledge, or at least with a few more tools in their webmaster toolkit.

I appreciate any suggestions or feedback the community may have to offer.

Best Regards,

James Morris