XOOPS: Parliament: Say NO to Software Patents!

Posted by: Herkoon 2005/6/24 13:46:54 4973 reads
The Software Patents Directive, as approved by the European Council of Ministers, would codify US-style Software Patents in the European Union.

If that happens, software developers will no longer own what they write and can be sued for selling or distributing their own software.

If you don't inform your parliament, mega-corporations will do the job for you: "The European Parliament is filled with lobbyists of Microsoft, Eicta, CompTIA and so on. There are 30 to 40 lobbyists permanently roaming the halls." (in Eweek, 21 June)

Click read more to see how you can help!

What can you do?

- Participate in the Web Strike until the vote
- Please send nice faxes or make phone calls to your representatives in the European Parliament and ask them to follow the FFII voting recommendations. You can also ask them to follow the rapporter Rocard.

Please print out the Call for Action III, sign it, and fax it to the FFII at +49-201-755440. We'll deliver these signatures to key MEPs.

XOOPS.org joined the The Economic Majority Against Software Patents, pledging €50 for the campaign (I know it's not much, but it's something).