YAXS: Announcing IMPACT! Appraiser

Posted by: rabideauon 2005/6/13 5:52:36 4165 reads
I am pleased to announce the "GRAND Opening" of my 12th XOOPS Site. http://impactappraiser.com

IMPACT! Appraiser is a professional tool set designed for use in managing process improvement progress, assessments, appraisals and audits.

Please visit the site and let me know what you think. Special thanks go to the folks at incama for making their theme available for me to modify. In return I am making the IMPACT theme available both on this site and on http://impactappraiser.com (Downloads).

The IMPACT theme is modified from the Incama Theme 'GrayMeetsPurple' by Mark Rabideau of eirenicon l.l.c.

ChangeLog: I have made a few patches and changes including:

1. Theme.html
* Added hyperlinks to several image files in the theme.html file
* Modified the theme to utilize NewBB -CBB version-- follow the XOOPS instructions in order for newBB to work correctly (I found my version at: https://xoops.org/modules/repository/visit.php?cid=20&lid=1538)
* Modified theme.html Heading styles, cell properties, etc.
* Added a copyright notice line and block to the theme.html file (change it to reflect your business, not eirenicon's!)
2. CSS:
* Changed the css to new fonts and font sizes
* Prettied up the css file for readability
3. Images:
* Modified and Added "MANY" Xoops standard and module images to provide a more consistent & Crystal- like appearance
4. If you like the IMPACT "Center" Login block, I have included it for your use. Please note that you will ned to use the templates management function under System Admin==> Templates in order to use this file 'correctly'.

The IMPACT theme still includes the following original Incama components:

1. Logo template (PSD and CPT file)
2. Topic image template (PSD and CPT file)
3. Template files

Theme Installation:

Install it just like any other theme! plus the following simple steps.

1. All revised images are contained in Xoops-Images. Simply overlay this directory's content and its files over the standard Xoops /public_html directory. This will modify all of the module images for those modules I use-- and hopefully you do, too!
2. Copy Xoops_templates into the correct public_html/modules/ directories in order to get the updated incama theme related functions

That's it!