Modules: Improved Content Module

Posted by: davinci27on 2005/6/12 13:14:53 13486 reads
I tried for days to track down the author of XT Conteudo but had no luck. So unfortunately I've had to release this as a new module. It is heavily base on XT Conteudo which is based on Tiny Content. I've made several additions.

New Features

FCKEditor - I replaced SPAW with the cross browser FCKEditor. If you have ASPELL installed on the server, FCKeditor will allow you to spell check your content areas. You'll need to edit \content\admin\fckeditor\editor\dialog\fck_spellerpages\spellerpages\server-scripts\spellchecker.php and change $aspell_prog to point to your aspell executable.

Priority - I've changed the way the priority works so that you can put submenu items into a specific order under the main level items.

External Links - I added the ability to set an external link instead of HTML content

Content Menu Block - I've edited the menu block so it would display submenu items based on where you are in the module. This gives you the appearance of sections and navigation that adapts based on your current position.

Site Menu Block - This menu block incorporates both the module main menu, and the Content Menu into one site level Menu. There is an admin menu to order the modules and content.

DHTML(CSS) Site Menu Block - This block is the same as the standard Site Menu block but adds dhtml submenus where applicable.

Migrate - The admin interface now contains a migrate script that will copy all data from your exsisting XT Conteudo database into your Content database.

Edit by Browsing - You can now edit pages without having to use the admin system. Just login as an administrator, browse to the page you want to edit and click the edit button at the bottom of the page. After you save your edits, you will be returned to the new page in your site.

Spring Cleaning - I’ve pulled out the extra menu blocks and have only the ones described above. I’ve also tried to remove any unnecessary files.

Download Content

Content is under active development. If you have feedback, bugs, or feature requests, please feel free to leave them on the dev site