Modules: Membership Module Release Candidate

Posted by: dheltzelOn 2005/5/26 6:46:29 8743 reads
I am about to release 1.0 of my Membership Module. If anyone would like a preview and help be locate any remaining bugs, please download version 0.9.3 and try it out.

This module is an add-on to XOOPS, and is intended to help manage a club's membership. It is also useful for managing Xoops group memberships, as it makes it much easier to move users between groups.

Currently, it can perform the following:

1) Adds a new table with additional fields that the Xoops user table does not have. See the sql/mysql.sql file for details.

2) List members in a table with group level perms to determine which fields from the user table can be viewed.
- This page is very customizable from the preferences in the admin pages

3) Allow a user to easily edit their info on a single page.

4) Admins can edit any user's info.

5) Administer membership in groups with a more powerful interface than the default Xoops admin.

6) Auditing of changes made from this module to the member's information.

7) Allow export of member data to a CSV format for importing into other programs.

Note: This module only works with Xoops 2.0.x. It will not work with the 2.1 or 2.2 versions. Some of the features are incorporated into the Xoops core starting with 2.1, so this will require major changes.