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Posted by: studioCon 2005/5/24 20:39:24 5585 reads
sometimes less is more ...

in this case a client of mine wants to have a weblinks area but he does not need rating, topten nor "send email to a friend" functionality. One condition of him was to have "pure" links in source without redirect and ending "php?lid=xy". Within this topic he told me that most of links shown in xoops-sites are not placed in searchengines as they should. Maybe some of you can use this hack. I'ts mostly pure output without styles and layout stuff.

Perhaps someone with php knowledge can look over this and help a themedabbler to clean this source or look into source if it is ok? Cause there is some text in modultemplates, i packed this "clone" or "hack" for english and german language each.

Always have in mind to test this hack on a testpage cause it's a work of someone without php knowledge. You can't run this same time with installed mylinks mod, directory is named mylinks like that release from Kazumi Ono. All credits go to him. See it in action on

get hack of mylinks mod in your preferred format with english language modultemplates:

A German version with german language and german text in modultemplates can be found at

have fun