YAXS: The Clubbers Empire-RoDisco!

Posted by: catalin12345on 2005/5/11 15:53:12 9020 reads
Resized Image We just launched an clubland dedicated to the clubbers!
Do you think we shall made an english version of the site too?!

Give us feedback and comments about the site,what you think and what you wish more from us!Also any xoopers who will link to us we will link back to him just contact us and let us an email at: info@rodisco.com with the link where you linked to us and your link will be on the site too.

Visit it now : www.rodisco.com THE CENTER OF NIGHTLIFE!

www.rodisco.com/clubland THE CLUBBERS EMPIRE-ENJOY THE PARTY!

For link to us you can use this adress:

Thanks to all xoopers who have websites and will link to us.
Best Whishes to all members of this cool comunnity!XOOPS RULZ!