YAXS: Ready to show the world

Posted by: Martleon 2005/4/3 9:58:18 4062 reads
Martin's Place

My Xoops site has been running since January and it's just about ready to show to the world.

Still not sure in which direction it's heading but it contains content that interests me. Lots of Formula 1 racing, using you computer to help find a cure for Cancer and just about everything else that catches my eye.

My articles are based around AMS (Article Management System) with a few other useful Xoops modules integrated in. I find that having news spotlights on the front page is a good way of hinting as to the nature of the rest of the content.

Please take a look if you have time and if you would like to enter your site in my LINK DIRECTORY under the 'Xoops' section , I would love to get a bit of reciprocal linking started with as many of you Xoops users as possible.

Any comments or observations on the site would be very appreciated as I still think that there is room for improvement.

Martin's Place

I must dash now to tidy the site up for all my visitors.