XOOPS: SmartApril'sFool ;-)

Posted by: marcanon 2005/4/1 10:40:37 9298 reads
Hi again fellow Xoopsers

As you finally discovered it, April First can be a tricky day ! I must say I had a little extra fun feeding my son last night, as, each time I got up, I went on xoops.org to see how many fishes I had cathed

Just to be clear : this stunt was the first SmartApril'sFool

Of course I don't intend to stop The SmartFactory's activities ! Now more than ever, I strongly beleive that XOOPS is one of the best CMS and The SmartFactory intend to persue its mission of Making XOOPS Modules Smarter... Everyday !

And for XOOPS Multilanguages, it always have been clear in my mind that it was only a hack, and that it would never be implemented in the core...

I can assure you for starting to know them quite well, Mithrandir and Herko would never have done something like this...

I just spoke with some of you on IM and I now realize, that thispractical joke could have been wrongfully interpreted... And I'm sorry about that... Will you forget me ?

As for the Multilanguage, I can assure you that this is really hight in our priority. The SmartFactory is working on a new version of the ML Hack that will not require any files modification no more.

Moreover, we are also working on a true multilanguage functionnality held directly in the core, usable by any module that want it, and with a real workflow for translators... ANd this will really Rocks !

Long live to XOOPS !

PS : Thanks to Solo, Christian and Fooups from the French Network who are behind this as well !

Cheers !