Modules: RSSFit hits new milestone

Posted by: tuffon 2005/3/25 19:38:52 5668 reads RSSFit is a XOOPS module released by Brandycoke Productions, generates RSS 2.0 validated XML feed. Web masters can decide what to be displayed in the XML output by activating installed plug-ins.

With the support of IIS-Resources and Mr. Stefanos Karagos, we are pleased to announce the new version of RSSFit, featuring individual RSS feeds for every activated plug-ins and a list of new features.

RSSFit 1.1 is currently available only in English. If you would like to help translating RSSFit into any language which is not listed on our site please feel free to contact us.

Notes for upgrading from version 1.0x: There is no upgrade patch since over 90 percent of the files are modified. You have to replace the entire directory contents with the new version. Don't forget to update the module after uploading new files. If you have the rss feed smarty template customized you should take a look at the file templates/rssfit_rss.html for corresponding changes.

We would like to thank our awesome sponsors for their financial support, helping us to thaw out our frozen plans and giving us the motivation to keep our open source projects alive.

Development of RSSFit 1.1 is sponsored by:

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