XOOPS: German Xoops Support site restructured and redesigned

Posted by: chapion 2005/1/27 23:34:36 5900 reads
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The team at the german xoops support site worked hard the last weeks to get the content of the site better arranged. The site is online since the very beginning of xoops and this was very visible to the users.

The management of the german support changed a little. frankblack (francis here on xoops.org) is now the head of the team. migoe stepped in to help with organising and moderating the forums and studioC is doing a german xoops newsletter together with frankblack now.

We all decided that myxoops.org needs improvement. So we updated the modules and are using wfdownloads for our downloads section now, newbb2 as forum module and smartFAQ for our documentations.

My job was to put the new structure in a well suited dress. I designed a fixed with theme for good readability. The header images on our site are depending on the currently viewed module. I posted a faq about this here at xoops.org. Also the currently viewed module gets highlighted in the main menu. I posted this hack in the xoops.org forums a while ago.

The forum itself gets the full width of this fixed theme. The navigation is displayed above the board there.

If you want to see our new site in action, visit us at www.myxoops.org.

Also feel free to drop comments on the site here