Modules: Xoops FAQ:- now updated and revised !

Posted by: carnukeon 2005/1/14 19:00:00 5280 reads
We have listened to to your comments and requests about the Xoops FAQ section. You said the FAQ was helpful, but we could improve it (polls). Comments from the forums have asked for "less unessesary detail on the module index page....... No need to display list of last published questions, dates, or read data ......... Improve the category displays and wording ........... Most popular questions block needed............. Clearer mapping of where to find help. "

Marcan has once again taken up the challenge to refine this module and we have now updated the latest final version on this site. The layout has been changed to match these requests and also revised all the category wording to make it more informative and direct. In addition there is a new category on 'Dealing with errors and faults' which has been split away from 'Upgrades, Security and Backups'.

The module page is now headed with a new information block called 'Xoops Help and FAQ section, a quick guide for beginners.' to guide users through all the xoops help resources. This includes direct links to 'essential FAQs' Official documentation and a reminder to use the site search facility before posting forum questions. This block is in response to The Newcomer thread that raised so many good points about helping users to find answers before hitting the forum submit button.

Following this is the 'Most viewed Q&As block' This updates showing the most popular questions and answers that users are reading. Maybe a good litmus for what users really want, this block should be the first place to look before searching the categories.

Beneath this block comes the FAQ top categories and sub-cats table that should direct enquirers to relevant sections more effectively. We also display some side blocks from the module.

These changes are not a full stop, but a further stage in bringing the Xoops FAQ to a higher level of usefullness and userbility. The layout is much cleaner and quickly leads enquires to content level.

Have we got it right? As always your comments are important to us.

Thanks for all the feedback over the last weeks. As you cans see, it does not go un-noticed