YAXS: ViaRender Systems

Posted by: pixelboxon 2005/1/14 17:45:48 3689 reads
ViaRender Systems is a Company devoted to provide Open Source Solutions for Computer Rendering.
Nowadays, professional CG is demanding top quality in the product ( motion-picture, illustration, etc ) final result.
ViaRender Systems provides rendering and shaders creation software capable to handle the quality that professional studios and single users are requesting.
All our software is Open Source licensed under GNU General Public License.
The Company website has been entirely created with Xoops.
Besides software development, ViaRender Systems also handle the creation and administration of Computer Graphics related websites. Nowadays, the first website that is online it's PixelBox Academy, a RenderMan and Gelato Learning Center.
Soon, we will launch Render This!, a website that can be compared to Slashdot, but dealing only with Computer Rendering subjects.