Themes: New banners Module

Posted by: w4z004on 2002/3/18 3:37:25 6351 reads
I'm modularize the phpadsnew.
Is a professional banner system and only for the people that need professional banners.

HERE the download .

The module is not integrated because is not necesary (the client log via : and the admin via the banners admin logo )

Only need activate the module, and go to the phpadsnew via admin and complete the instalation.

Is very simple.

Later go to admin, banners, administration, generate banner code, i'm prefer the "Remote invocation with javascript" select the client, and if like the banner open the link in a new screen in "target" put : _blank
press generate and a code similar to this appear :

<script language='JavaScript' src=''></script>

only need change a little and put in a custom block or into theme.php into the themes replacing the actual banner.
my code for theme.php (with center) is:

echo"<div align='center'><script language='JavaScript' src=''></script></div>";

and for put into a block, generate a custom HTML block and put the code generated, my code is:

<div align='center'><script language='JavaScript' src=''></script></div>

it's all

In the next RC the actual banners are removed

Sorry for me english!
If have problems, about how include the banners, contact with me, but if have questions about the system, please don't contact with me, use the complete manual included into the package.