Modules: SmartFAQ 1.02 Release Candidate is out !

Posted by: marcanon 2004/10/12 20:37:42 4992 reads
After a lot of hard work, the SmartFactory is proud to release the new SmartFAQ. Version 1.02 RC1 of SmartFAQ fixes the issue about the non efficient query count, and introduces some new configuration options to allow more flexibility!

You can download the new version here : SmartFAQ 1.02 RC1 : Zip Version [310 Kb]

While testing the module, please have a special look at the import features and the new configuration options : Display collapsable bars, Display last Q&A column ?, Last Q&A size, Question size, Display sub-categories description ?, Display the 'Published on' column ?, Display the 'Hits' column ?.

Please submit any bug you may found here : SmartFAQ Bug Tracker.

Finally, I would like to say a special thanks to Mithrandir who have been working very hard on SmartFAQ lately. Thank YOU !!!!!!

Shall you have any questions or comments, please visit the SmartFactory.

Cheers !