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Posted by: rocket98on 2004/9/26 22:35:46 4128 reads bocastown.com - comments, suggestions appreciated

This is a project a friend and I collaborate on. He provides what content he can, and I do everything else.

bocastown.com is a community website for the residents of Bocas Town, as it's known to the locals, or Bocas del Toro the capital city in the province of Bocas del Toro, Panama. An Archipelago on the North East corner of the Panama coast on the Caribbean Sea.


I used a number of different modules to give visitors something to do, and have my contributions throughout. There is still much to do, like any site. The theme is one from Dana7.

Other than basic Xoops modules others are:

Tinycontent (dupl) (pages for zfeeder a newsfeed piece)
MyAds (still working on this one)

The site was originally done in Mambo, then Postnuke and when I got fed up with those problems I switched to Xoops and have not looked back. I don't code php but have been dabbling in web sites, well, since the web got popular for the casual user, or early to mid 90's. There is still allot to do here so I better get back to work.

Xoops is a pleasure to work with, Thank you!

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