XOOPS: Meta-Generator module v1.00 for Xoops 1.0 RC2

Posted by: Anonymouson 2002/3/3 21:34:46 4949 reads
Replaces Ref Hack v2-4.1
This version modularizes the whole hack. Complete with translation
files, documentation, and visual interface.

Import word files and merge them into the wanted/unwanted list.
Easily move words back and forth inbetween lists or add/remove words.
Comes with 380 preconfigured common words :o)

Improved how titles, cat names and descriptions are handeled in DL's
and links sections.

Damn..and me who just liked that simple hack at the beginning, now
barely a few days later end up with a whole frikkin module..yikes :o)

But i'm lazy n like doin things visually: Point n Click POWWA

Also tnx again to frxoops.org for the original idea!

You can get it here.