Hacks: Xoops Auto Login Hack Pack

Posted by: brashon 2004/8/23 19:11:06 10072 reads
OK, for the lazy among us , there is one file (include/common.php) in the new bugfix release of Xoops that overwrites GIJOE's awesome auto login hack if you have enabled it, so I put this pack together so all you have to do is unrar, upload, and update.

You can download the Auto Login Hack Pack in RAR format from:

>>>IT Headquarters<<<

To enable this hack;

(1) Unrar files

(2) Upload files to the root directory of your Xoops install

(3) Update the system module from the modules admin section in the Xoops control panel.

NOTE: If you are using a custom template set you will need to edit the system_block_login.html for that set.