Modules: FatalQuery Server Query module RC1 Released

Posted by: intel352on 2004/6/22 22:10:15 4411 reads
I uploaded this release last week, and finally got around to posting the news today.

The FatalQuery Halflife Server Query module Release Candidate 1 has been released. This module originally existed in PHP-Nuke, and was created by nobleclem at This is a port of his module, and while everything works fine, there are still a few php notices that need to be fixed, as well as templates that need to be created.

This module allows you to have a block+module that lists the server information for any Half-Life based mod, such as Counter-strike. You can view a working example here:

There is also an active example of the HLStats port that I have in progress at the same site.

Download the FatalQuery release candidate here: ... 62&release_id=77#selected

Please report all bugs at the same location