Hacks: XOOPS Multilangues v1.3

Posted by: marcanon 2004/5/3 13:39:38 4632 reads For those who don't know it yet, XOOPS Multilanguages is a hack that allow you to create multilingual sites. Once this hack installed, your visitors will have the opportunity to view your site in the language they prefer !

You can download the package here : ZIP version [257 Kb]

Here is the list of changes of this new Version :

- The Custom Block, when in HTML or PHP Script mode were note multilingual. They are now.

- Some bugs were fixed in XoopsPolls to make it multilingual;

- The category name in MyDownloads did not have enough caracters. However, I updated the forms controls but the field definition in the database table still has to be changed manually.

- Added the compatibility for xcGallery version 1.1;

- Added the compatibility for WF-FAQ version 1.05;

- Added the compatibility for WF-Channel version 1.06;

- In the Recent Block of MyDownloads, when the title were trimed, it was no more multilingual. This has been corrected;

- The same thing have been done for MyLinks and News.

- The Disclaimer now supports multilingual.

- With this version, a Smarty variable representing a flag is automatically created for each language installed on your site. This enable you to put the flags to select languages inside your theme. For example, if you would like to put the English flag in the header of your theme, you can use this <{$lang_image_english}>

- Another Smarty variable have been added that contains the link to change the language. With that, you can put the image or text that you want in your theme. For example <a href="<{$lang_link_french}>">Click here for the French version !</a>

- Another Smarty variable have been added to represent the selected language : <{$lang_name}>. This is usefull for 'multilingual' images. For exemple, you have created XOOPS_URL/images/french/ and XOOPS_URL/images/english/. You can use the <{$lang_name}> to replace the folder by the selected language name.

- The Who's online pop up window now displays multilingual modules name

- Changes have been made to support register_globals OFF

WARNING : Please carefully read the Readme.txt file, as it is highly important !

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