Modules: Xoops Download Module V2.1 Beta Released

Posted by: Anonymouson 2004/4/27 9:48:23 10329 reads
I have just released the new Xoops Download Module 2.1 for Beta testing.

This Update introduces many changes compared to the original my_downloads and the RC1 released last year.

This is a beta and should be considered such and should not be used for a production website as it stands just now.

Known issues with this version at the moment:

1. Clicking on Platform will take you to the top ten list.
2. Users reviews can be submitted but not read. Code not written for this part yet.
3. Home page will show http:// even thou no homepage was submitted.
4. Modification requests has not been updated in admin and will not show all the fields yet.
5. Still have to remove obsolete code and code clean up.

If you find bugs please post them either in this topic or at

If you have any further suggestion, please use this topic.

You can download the module from here

Many Thanks