Themes: A theme to learn on...

Posted by: rabideauon 2004/4/26 6:54:00 4072 reads
Hello everyone...

Because of all the discussions underway re: XOOPS Theme usage, modification etc. I decided to develop a theme for new Xoopsers to learn on... and perhaps use for their sites.

The theme is a bit different from a traditional Xoops layout, in order to demonstrate column flexibilty. I also have used a number of less 'basic' html and css features, in order to facilitate learning.

I have extensvely, and hopefully accurately, commented the theme.html file as well as the style.css file. There are a view simple *.gif files used to demonstrate image deployment in the theme as well as some flash menus (unfortunately they are mine and not yours... )

The theme is available for viewing on one of my sites at: Simply select the "Silver" theme option to see the theme in action.

The theme may be downloaded from:

I hope our new Xoops users find the theme helpful. Silver Theme