Themes: New Theme!

Posted by: GilianOn 2004/4/22 16:44:30 4950 reads
Hi all,
I made a new theme called "sabre". It's a theme from the program calles "Xara Webstyle 4". Maybe some of you know this program, I only have the trial, but I think it's a great program. In the trial there are 3 free templates . I ported one (maybe sometime the other 2 as well) to xoops. It has some bugs that i know and probably some that I don't know, please report them to me if you got one.

Here's a screenshot:
Resized Image

Click on it for a 1024x800 view.

I'm making an other theme for my site, it's olmost done, but I don't realease it for public (sorry ), it's for my site only.
You can see it here (as soon my site is opened again):