Themes: New Page Layout Style (attempted)

Posted by: rabideauon 2004/4/5 6:56:55 5461 reads
Hello everyone,

I have been playing around with human interface ergonomics and screen layouts for websites. I have just opened (re-written) my two main sites such that there are now 4 major menu areas. I have used three different styles of menus- 2 based upon Flash. I could just as easily have used Java, I suppose but I prefer having less code.

The basic layout allows for considerable compression of information while hopefully not sacrificing accessibility. Additionally since my two sites are inter-dependant there is cross-linking of information and pages.

One feature I tried, but it only works with IE is to have my Menu Bar (on the top, float as you scroll down the page, pretty nice feature but not portable enough, given my limited coding capabilities)

The sites may be reached by going to: (pick any button on that page; note: the left buttom will provide the more robust page).

There probably remain a few bugs, but hopefully not too many!