Modules: Tplleguestats RC1 released

Posted by: ralf57on 2004/3/31 6:40:40 6893 reads
Hi xoopers,
we(Mithrandir and I) have converted the script "tplleaguestats" into a module for Xoops system. This module allows you to easily manage the league of your favourite team and show your supporters detailed statistics on multiple seasons too.
We have released it as RC to put it under your test. (note: this means it is a testing vesion, not a version ready for live websites and production environments!)
Actually only english and italian languages are available so,if you like it,please translate the lang files into your language and we'll include them into the final version.

Resized Image
You can preview the working module hereand download it here
For support and other useful stuff see /docs folder inside.

All the best,ralf57 and Mithrandir.