Modules: RSS Syndication That Works!

Posted by: radarxon 2004/3/29 6:30:58 8530 reads
As a xoops user, I needed a module that would automatically created RSS and JS feeds for the mylinks module. The bad news is, the only module that would do the job was Lykos Syndication, and it had not been updated in a long time to support the new paths, query strings and database usage of the lastest version of xoops.

I've fixed the module so that it now creates proper rss and js feeds for the mylinks and mydownload modules. Now when someones running your rss or js feed on their page, it will properly link to the page or file.

I highly recommend using the "display links in frame?" feature for mylinks if you're syndicating links through rss and javascript.

It will also syndicate the News section of your site so you can syndicate everything all from one module (allthough the backend.php still works just for news.)

I've also updated the RSS and JS buttons to updated versions so they now look proper.

You can see examples of this fixed module in action here:

Instruction page and example JS feed:

RSS feed in action (bottom right of page):

Full RSS news reader:

You can get the fixed module here: ... inglefile.php?cid=3&lid=3
or from the download section.