Hacks: Wysiwyg Patch for News module available

Posted by: chapion 2003/11/25 11:15:28 8959 reads Are you tired of using the internal Xoops Editor? Than its time to apply this patch to your news module. It will integrate the Spaw Wysiwyg Editor (needs IE 5.5) in your news module. You can download it in the download section here at xoops.org!

Configuration Settings
- Wysiwyg Editor can be activated for Admin
- Wysiwyg Editor can be activated for User submit
- You can deactivate the linebreak conversion to avoid white space in front of the html code
- Xoops Editor will automatically be displayed, if a user doesn't have IE 5.5

Install Instructions
- If the news module isn't installed yet, install it through the modules administration firstly.
- Overwrite the news module files included in Xoops 2.0.5 with the files in the package
- After that update the news module

This patch doesn't make any changes to the database! Only one class file has changed, in order to display the wysiwyg content correctly.