Modules: Coopermine Gallery for Xoops

Posted by: Anonymouson 2003/10/22 19:25:05 13885 reads
Running Demo

Now, we have a running demo of xcGallery on our testsite at
Feel free to play around and test it. You will see that not everything is working fine, because it's only a development version.

A downloadable version will be availible when it's more stable and all feature for this version are included.

This feature are already implemented:

- Creation/managment of galleries and albums
- User galleries
- Group managment
- Creation of thumbnails and intermediate size pics with gd or ImageMagick
- Smarty templates enabled
- Random pictures
- Last Uploads
- Most viewed pictures
- Last comments
- Top rated pictures
- Displaying of exif data (needs php exif extension)
- Slideshow
- Comments
- Album sort options (title/date)
User features:
- User can create and manage own albums
- User can set access rights for their albums
- Can upload images with webinterface
Admin feature:
- Can set several group permissions (Allow private albums, quota, upload rights, upload approval...)
- Can create public galleries and albums
- Can move categories
- Batch add pictures
- And several onfiguration options like custom userflieds for image discription
At the moment there are only two blocks (static and scrolling) both blocks can contain random, most viewed, last uploaded, top rated images or last gallery comments.
More blocks will come soon.

Other features are in development like ecards and netpbm support.

I guess great Work from our dev Derya

Greetz Predator