XOOPS: IntranetJournal.com reviews XOOPS

Posted by: Herkoon 2003/10/20 17:16:07 6398 reads
Peter Zeidman of IntranetJournal.com wrote a series of reviews on open source CMS's, the final review being about our own XOOPS A quote from the article:
'Xoops is a truly out-of-the-box intranet solution and installation couldn't be easier, with database fields, file permissions and a user account set up automatically. Once installed, the design of the system is clean-looking and intuitive. It also differs from other systems with its object-oriented design, which simplifies programming and customization of Xoop's operation. This month I'll be giving you a rundown of Xoops's features, pros and cons, and comparing it with the packages already examined in this series.'

Read his full review here.