Modules: ArMS 0.3

Posted by: Ilijaon 2003/10/12 13:31:11 5373 reads
ArMS 0.3 is multipage article menagement system. New features:

- new data structure
= categories
= sections
= articles
= pages
- articles can be on-hold
- article author can allow other user access to his articles. selected users can:
= edit pages and/or
= add pages and/or
= delete pages
no special ranks needed
- new pages - popular, top rated, new (recent)
- extra feature - cross section articals (on artical can be visible in more than one section)
- finally I added a few blocks
- comments added
- search added (articals and pages)
- added some more admin functions
- finally I made ArMS admin index
- added votelog
- category, section and page reordering is now on "the XOOPS way".
- some bugs fixed (smarty dbg window, uip fixes and so on)

ArMS 0.3 is beta (ArMS will be in beta as long as zero is in front of version). There are some known bugs (KNOWNBUGS.txt) and long todo list (TODO.txt).

Please, add more comments so I can know what to do. Feature request are more than welcome.

Check XOOPS downloads page (sec Modules - 2.0) for download link...