How does using htmlspecialchars on an INT make it more secure?
  • 2007/12/18 6:40

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While developing a module for version 2.18 I have come across a loading of coding that to be quite frank, is not required or is totally overboard. One such class is xoopsFormRadio and the new method of securing this class.

While the first fact is that it no longer works,

Example you have to change:

if ( $value === $ele_value ) {


if ( $value == $ele_value ) {

As under the newer method it will never truly equal.

But my main problem with the changes is that you are not treating the variables in the correct manner, or I am really failing to see what real benefits are from the changes made.


$ret .= ".$ele_name."' value='".htmlspecialchars($valueENT_QUOTES)."'";

$value is and should be treated like an INT. Here we are treating that variable in the same manner as we would treat a text value.

In this case it should have been:

$ret .= ".$ele_name."' value='".intVar($value)."'";

Actually with the case in mention, it would have been better to treat these values as boolean instead.

Re: How does using htmlspecialchars on an INT make it more secure?
  • 2007/12/18 9:11

  • hervet

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Hello John,

I have some scripts where the value "returned" by the option is not an integer but a string.
I believe that's the reason of this no ?

Finally, I also believe that when a value is returned from a form's field and when this value is surrounded by quotes, it is considered (and converted) as a string by Php (it may depends of your Php version).



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