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Posted on: 2011/7/31 13:29
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IRC 1.02 - Internet Relay Chat

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IRC 1.02 - Internet Relay Chat

IRC 1.02 is a light IRC Client for XOOPS as well as having a java IRC Client which you can choose between. It allows for your XOOPS installation to poll and log onto using lightIRC an IRC Server and partipate in chat. Internet Relay chat is an older style chat protocol that is still widely used by the community for chat. It features a list of channels which you can join to partipate in chat in group discussions, private chat or polled chat. You can also exchange files with DCC and IRC Protocol.

Perfect for any business that need an online chat consultancy or environment, you can install this module to ensure you get the very best and easy to use environment for end users and staff which maintain the service.

Whats new in this version:
  • Admin Preferences
  • Java Applet
  • Autojoin

  • Run in any environment supporting flash
  • Scalable for Themes
  • Any server with flash policy installed

Demo: http://xoops.demo.chronolabs.coop
Download: xoops2.5_irc_1.02.zip -2.45Mbs
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