Spotify Api v1.07 RC 3
  • 2021/4/10 16:56

  • culex

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This is a module to show recently played songs on spotify. It uses jwulssons php api for Spotify found here https://github.com/jwilsson/spotify-web-api-php And displays the recent played list in a carousel block.

Steps to set up the module.

Spotify developer side
1) Go to developer.spotify.com -> log in using your normal spotify procedure.
2) Go to dashboard and create a new app. Call it anything you like. The press the big green app.
3) Copy the two values clientid and client secret. You'll use them in the module settings.
4) Edit your app settings. And fill out what you want but importantly put the link the the module/agent.php as redirect uri (eks. https://www.yoursite.com/modules/spotifyapi/agent.php).

Module settings
1) Go to the spotifyapi settings and put the values clientid & client secret in the text boxex.
2) Check that the URI link in the module matches the one you created in spotify

And it should work.
See it in action here http://www.culex.dk (down right) and http://www.culex.dk/modules/spotifyapi/ for a weekly chart

Test inviroment

Download from trunk here.

Or fork https://github.com/djculex/spotifyapi

Re: Spotify Api v1.07 RC 3
  • 2021/4/10 16:59

  • heyula

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Thanks for sharing

Re: Spotify Api v1.07 RC 3
  • 2021/4/11 9:51

  • culex

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My pleasure. It's been a while since I have had something to share


heyula wrote:
Thanks for sharing


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