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Chronolabs Cooperative met norez connecting around through friends on facebook.com; wishcraft only accept mutual friends so this is how norez jazed came in contact with Simon Roberts (wishcraft) - - who offered to make him a site at absolutely no charge or fee.

I made norez as presented a new theme which is - complexity 1.4 (download *.tar.gx) - and fitted the css with some downloadable fonts from http://fonts.labs.coop.

We are still waiting for norez to fill out more content before we taking him on a tour but you can already see it together with his correlated content. We donated the domain also too norez as registering a domain in a Pakistan Address is next to impossible or from that part of the world but we where able to force it past the fraud detection through - http://registrar.labs.coop

-- helpingkidsfoundation.org --

About Us
Helping Kids Foundation is a non-profitable non-governmental organization that sees as its purpose gathering funds to Help children’s all over the Pakistan. Helping Kids Foundation has functioned for Several Years and has earned the reputation of a reliable and enthusiastic organization that has helped to better the lives of hundreds of children.. It is a development organization which is working in the remote areas of District Toba Tek Singh in the central Punjab, Pakistan since 2010.

Mission Statement
Helping Kids by providing free Food Education and Medical care to children that have barriers to access. The name of the organization adequately describes its mission, purpose and operational model. We provide health care to children without insurance or financial resources and eliminate access barriers by working in virtually any environment in Pakistan where children are at-risk.

What We Do
Helping Kids Foundation took initiative to preach and educate the young generation and opened schools in the remote villages for the poor and deprived communities where the children not only are taught the Curriculum recommended by the Government but they are learning the values of human rights, gender sensitization, peace, interfaith harmony and religious respect and Gospel teachings.



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