CloudFlare use?
  • 2015/9/12 16:47

  • Dante7237

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Recently fired Arvixe and got rid of EIG for good.
My new host is A2, and everything is working like clockwork.
My question is, who here has experience using CloudFlare services with XOOPS?

Is there anything I need to think about before I give it a try other than the obvious backup everything including momma's car?

I personally am aware of no issues, but I was thinking Mamba may have experience with this.


Re: CloudFlare use?
  • 2015/9/13 0:38

  • Mamba

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My question is, who here has experience using CloudFlare services with XOOPS?

I don't, but from the description it seems it should be pretty much straight forward service, and XOOPS should have no issues with it.
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Re: CloudFlare use?
  • 2015/9/13 3:09

  • Dante7237

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Ok. I'll report back any issues I encounter.

Re: CloudFlare use?
  • 2015/9/15 16:05

  • xoobaru

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What do you hope to get by using CloudFlare, security (DDOS protection), or a speed advantage?

If for speed, you forfeit ownership of data or scripts cached in the cloud for the privelege of faster execution.

You could gain speed advantage comparable to Cloudflare, and maintain ownership of your by using NGINX vs Apache hosting (hint, CloudFlare uses NGINX as do all major data intensive services). This is because Apaches has to allocate significant CPU processing power to service htaccess, which slows down the server. NGINX does everything htaccess does from the config so is much faster.
NGINX with a RAMdisk cache will get you every speed advantage.

If for security, it is because CF servers caching your site are taking the DDOS hit, but can slow the number of connection requests in the flood with the CloudFlare captcha..."Just One More Step".

Users visiting your site with anonymizing browser such as TorBrowser
will face serious harrassment from CF Captcha, which seeks to de-anonymize them by forcing them to use Javascript to complete the captcha (which also allows them to detect your real IP).

I personally, and eternally choose to retain data ownership, and will have nothing to do with cloud anything, much less CloudFlare. If you use a shared host with which you need the flexibility of Apache htaccess, then your options are limited to use CF if you really need the speed or security advantage.

BTW CF is now a standard option set in C-Panel if that makes life any easier.

Re: CloudFlare use?
  • 2015/9/16 2:10

  • Dante7237

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xoobaru Thanks for the reply.
I was looking at performance.
Got a reseller's account and I've decided not to do the CF. I have system resources that need re-arranged. Much is reserved for future accounts. I have plans on maybe 2 more domains so the rest of the system should be able to be re-allocated to "my" account.
We'll see how it works out.

I agree with your Cloud assessment. Handing site security over to strangers has never been something I felt good about.
The downsides are obvious, but the thought of multiplying my capacity is tempting.

I block TOR users offhand. I have never had any honest traffic from a TOR node.


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