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Posted on: 2015/7/27 1:25
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@objectivity The need for Hash ID not numerical -- similar to oracle!

You know thinking about it; I believe we need to change the XoopsObject object; so you can have something like XOBJ_DTYPE_IDHASH where you can specify a bit sign which is a preset of 64 numbers to 254 in 4 bit about your data with the XOOPS_CRC I made a while ago here:-


All you have to do to make it XCP is add the following sequence in the calc command:-

it is around line 67 of the .class file in the checksum;
// It first trashes the most likely data then escapes the sequence!
$data addslashes(htmlspecialchars(htmlspecialchars_decode($data)));

The reason it would have be a better hashes tables rather than integer numbers; you know when something crashes and you have to start a new one quickly but the id mismatch in lower tables, with an ID Hash like in oracle; you can splice the two tables together in insert, insert and normally there is no collisions and it all add up to larger bigger websites!