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  • 2013/8/15 5:57

  • fla-ts

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Hi, I have major problems
After doing some modifications in the Article module two
ID numbers are suddenly disappeared (ID 3 and 7)
The result is that if I choice a subject on my HomeMenu I get wrong Information.
HOMEMENU: I choose an item I get only the title from the article and when I change
the language from Dutch to English I get the whrite information.
ARTICLE MODULE: Logged in, making choose the item of the example above I get the
titel and tekst from an other article.
Briefly said it is a tumble. Hope that I don't have to do the
work from yesterday again, with the risk it occurs again.
Best regards, Fernand

Re: module articles
  • 2013/8/15 7:33

  • Mamba

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The numbers like this don't disappear, unless you delete the article. And I don't think it's a bug in Publisher, otherwise people would report it long time ago.

So what has happened, will be probably a mystery.

But since you're using MyMenu, just change the link to individual articles, and your menus will stay then correct.

Other option is to go to phpMyAdmin, and change the numbers directly in the correct Publisher table.
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: module articles
  • 2013/8/15 9:00

  • fla-ts

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So I have to restore my backup, start all over and take backup after every step I do
I have been thinking
Could it be that when I change something and submit I touch 'back' before seeing confirmation of the change on top of the screen.
I was changing titles of the articles in a fast way.

Re: module articles
  • 2013/8/15 16:28

  • fla-ts

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you will not believe that one

The description of the article ‘wormwiel/wormwheel’ was incomplete
I had to add [/en] after wormwheel and the problem is solved, everything is on the write place by doing that.
The ID numbers jumps from 2 to 4 so 3 does not exist but that’s no problem

The things you done for me are intact, if I just get the lines between the downloads will be greate.

And don’t worry, I make backups at least two times a day

Best regards, Fernand



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