Real/Fake Captcha - Possible Solution to SPAM

Hi how are you all? I would like to talk about Real/Fake Captcha I have developed over the past couple of days. This is for a project someone has approached me competing with truetwit.com called truetit.com.

This captcha is customisable to the content and questions that are being asked in the captcha to do with images being displayed with the options.txt in the root of the service constraints.

There is a file called options.txt that is broken down into:



You can have more than 2 question, there is no limit to this, in this example it is being used for fake and real. The term is the term that the image is harvested from bing's Search API under the selection of one of the questions and the paraphrasing is for entitlement of the item in the captcha question.

If you would like to have a go of this captcha you can do so at http://devn.labs.coop

If your setting this up you would do so on a subdomain of your websites like http://captcha.yoursite.com with the service htdocs in the root of this sub-domains public HTML folder. There is no database involved and then you would implement the captcha client with the existing libraries within xoops for captcha.

The captcha can be customized to the strength of the challenge in Rounds of answers vs. Number of allowed Mistakes, the default is 3 questions answered right within 2 mistakes. But this can be changed from the client side.

This captcha is far more effective against spammer as the challenge game for the rudimentary spam client tool or browser will not work reliant on JQuery for submitting the form.

Re: Real/Fake Captcha - Possible Solution to SPAM
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