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Posted on: 2013/5/12 23:50
Maffy (Show more)
Just popping in
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APCal - More infos in blocks


I use APCal 2.12 and it works fine.

The blocks todays_schedule and coming_schedule should display the Maincategory and the Mainpicture.

Is this possible?

Greetings from Germany.



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Posted on: 2013/6/27 14:42
Dedale (Show more)
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Re: APCal - More infos in blocks


As we don't see every messages on xoops.org, we just saw this one. You've also posted your message on our website and we already replied there.

If you want to contact us, it is better to do so on our website. (http://xoops.antiquespromotion.ca)

Here is the answer:
We have just released a new version of APCal with the option to add the main picture in the coming events block.
We have added the possibility to display the main category in the block, but we think the display will be overloaded so we didn't add it "officially".

If you want to edit the template, the new variables are:

- Image Source: <{$xoops_upload_url}>/APCal/<{$event.picture}>

- Main Category: <{$event.mainCat}>

Thank you for your suggestions, it is always appreciated.