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Posted on: 2012/5/27 18:58
RiazShahid (Show more)
Quite a regular
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I am using ExtGallery for my photos on xoops website. But I does not find it quite a good image gallery.
Which other image gallery module you can recommend to me?
Can that impor.t existing photos from ExtGallery? Though its not compulsory



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Posted on: 2012/5/28 5:43
irmtfan (Show more)
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Re: extgallery

what is your specific problem with extgallery.
In my idea it is the best gallery that xoops have until now.
find the latest stable version (Voltan extgallery 1.09 ) here:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/xoops ... sitory/XOOPS2/extGallery/

Also youcan try myalbum by wishcraft.
download here:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/xoops ... epository/XOOPS2/MyAlbum/


Posted on: 2012/9/14 0:24
mboyden (Show more)
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Re: extgallery

FWIW, if using eXtgallery 1.0.9 with XOOPS 2.4.5, when editing blocks (using either the system tool or AltSys), I get an error trying to edit two of the blocks: "Photo View" and "Slideshow photo View". The error is:

Fatal error: Class 'XoopsFormSelect' not found in /path/to/xoops/modules/extgallery/blocks/extgallery_blocks.php on line 390

(or line 539 depending on the block)

This is a simple fix, adding this line as the first line of code:
include_once $GLOBALS['xoops']->path('class/xoopsformloader.php');

Also, if you're using 2.5.x, you may want to explore the later versions, I found eXtgallery 1.11 in the development trunk, but it's not yet released. It doesn't have this mentioned code fix, but might not be an issue in 2.5.x. (Unsure; didn't test). I also need to check out the recently updated myAlbum and myAlbum-p as I work to upgrade existing production sites to the 2.5.x branch.
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