Upgrading issue from 2.0.18 to 2.5.5
  • 2012/5/10 6:02

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I'm upgrading from XOOPS 2.0.18 to 2.5.5 and I encounter the following problem. Although all the updates seems to be fine, even the last upd-2.5.4-to-2.5.5, somehow upd-2.4.x-to-2.5.0 is not successful and I am unable to proceed with upgrade and it keeps trying to update upd-2.4.x-to-2.5.0. Below is the prompt from the screen (y is OK and x is not)

XOOPS system upgrade

Checking applied upgrades:

cnt-2.2.x-to-2.3.0 y
licence-upgrade-keygen-2.4.0-to-2.4.1 y
upd-2.0.13-to-2.0.14 y
upd-2.0.15-to-2.0.16 y
upd-2.0.16-to-2.0.17 y
upd-2.0.17-to-2.0.18 y
upd-2.0.18-to-2.3.0 y
upd-2.3.0-to-2.3.1 y
upd-2.3.3-to-2.4.0 y
upd-2.4.0a-to-2.4.0 y
upd-2.4.x-to-2.5.0 x
upd-2.5.4-to-2.5.5 y

The website itself looks ok, but when I tried to get into the admin.php file, I get a blank screen instead, so I can't access the admin menu at all.

Any ideas what I can do to resolve this? Thanks in advance....

Re: Upgrading issue from 2.0.18 to 2.5.5

If you have a backup I would suggest the following steps.. If not.. It could be simple or could be complex... but will definitely take some digging.

Restore your system back to its original 2.0.18

Disable ALL modules from the 2.0.18 admin menu.

The newer versions of Xoops have newer versions of Profile, PM and Protector than you have. You will want to upgrade those modules by them selves so I would remove them from the installation pack you are using and later upgrade them by hand. They will be in the Modules directory and you will also find atleast Protector in the xoops_lib/modules folder. You will want to remove Protector and PM or Profile if they have anything in that folder as well. (Name on your system may be slightly different but it is the Library folder inside your Trusted path.)

Decide which version of Xoops you want to install.

You will need a minimum of 2.3.3 to be compatible with php5.

2.4.5 is a slightly upgraded version of 2.3.3 but is much more secure and less likely to break things that 2.3.3 didn't already break module wise.

2.5.5 is the latest, most secure version of xoops but you may find it is most likely of any version to break your older modules.

With this in mind your best bet is to try upgrading to 2.5.5 and then upgrade your separate modules one by one as you can. Because you are upgrading from such old code you will want to make sure you do it locally using WAMP, XAMPP or a similar setup from your local machine before applying them to your server. (You should only need to change the settings in your mainfile.php to make this work once you have copied the files and database to your local machine.)

If you properly do the upgrade in this manner you should have a working xoops with the new version. Everything should work in your system BEFORE you start reactivating modules. If you are having issues it is likely due to your theme or an improper upgrade at this point... Once you have verified your system is up and running properly at this step you will want to upgrade the core included modules first making sure you install all of the code both in the modules and xoops_lib directories. I believe you should only need to delete all of the original files, copy the new ones over and then in the modules menu on your system click on "update" then "Activate" the modules.

Since you are coming from such an old branch you may find some of your modules have not been upgraded and will not work with the newer versions of xoops. In those cases you will need to find replacements, update the code to work with the newer system, or you will not be able to use the modules with the newer system. With the modules you really should reactivate each one one at a time, try out the system to make sure it works and then reactivate the next one. This is the best way to find out which modules need work before they can be used with the newer version. You can leave the modules deactivated until you figure out what you want to do. This will preserve any data that is in the database but prevent the system from showing you white pages because it doesn't like something in the module.

Hope this helps?


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Re: Upgrading issue from 2.0.18 to 2.5.5
  • 2012/5/10 7:27

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Restore your system back to its original 2.0.18

Before he does that, I would suggest:

1) run filecheck to make sure that he's got all correct files

2) Once this is done, go to phpMyAdmin and in the _modules table disable all modules except System.

XOOPS should work now.

3) Now you can enable modules one by one to see which is causing problems.

My suspicion is that there might be conflicting old files from Protector in old folder that is different from the current XOOPS_TRUST_PATH
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Re: Upgrading issue from 2.0.18 to 2.5.5
  • 2012/5/14 11:44

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Hi all.
That is exactely what I want to do : upgrade from 2.0.18 to 2.5.5...
And I decided to try first with a local version of my web site, with Wamp.

Here is the link of this topic (XoopsFR) :

http://www.frxoops.org/modules/newbb/ ... 9&topic_id=35784&forum=14

At this point, the version 2.0.18 is still not running on my machine... White Page !

If you have ideas to help us.

Thank you in advance.


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