XOOPS from a 40 year old developer perspective

A friend of mine who is in his 40s and has run a website called spraci (www.spraci.com) has been looking at various frameworks around the world and has made a few comments I thought i would note to you. This is as he has been exploring the world of CMS Technology to work out what to convert his site to so that it is running under a modular system and is easier to maintain. We spend a couple of days a week or so together so it has been interesting to hear his view of XOOPS and why he would choose it over Zend, Drupal, Joomla and others.

Drupal - Quote of m.dagn.

Drupal is too full of bloat it is not light weight enough and often takes to long to boot up from my experiences as I tried it a few years ago with spraci and recently and I found it is just to heavy to really be an efficient web client for both the client and the developer. I wouldn't not choose this one even though I have looked at it and consider it now I have looked at XOOPS. Unlike XOOPS Drupals code is hard to learn and read and difficult to follow in parts, I also find the commenting lacking although the documentation is better than XOOPS, I always have simon or the forums; to fall back on if i have a choice or a difficulty.

Joomla - Quote of m.dagn.

Joomla although it is so lightweight is immature, also a lot of the sites that get hacked are Joomla sites where i notice many of the plug-ins have strange called to override a site and put superfluous content on. Just from the amount of sites I see the ISP I work for that get hacked which are Joomla this in its first right wouldn't be a choice as there is no protector or xortify for it so I will not be using this.

XOOPS - Quote of M.Dagn.

XOOPS I was first introduced by simon (wishcraft), after the years of talking to him about wanting to convert spraci, I did download and have a copy running. I find the code and framework in general compared to many other resources lightweight and portable into my platform as some of even the tables are diminished being from an older platform of database design. Seeming I learn about database in University in the early 80s. Of all the platforms I have looked at if I was going to convert my site over to a CMS framework, XOOPS would be my choice, also because of protector and xortify as spam is a big problem on my site and the protection of protector I like, it was the only platform I saw that would have a sentry for it like protector or xortify. Also the code is easy to read and follow and now I have the class objectivity explained, I feel the power of the class modeller for my use ensures this is definitely the choice of CMS for anyone who is a developer or wanting to learn one of these platforms.
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Re: XOOPS from a 40 year old developer perspective
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Xoops has come a long way. Years ago, I use a Xoops site that used purely iframes. What about Modx? Small, easy to tie into, fairly secure.


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