Community & Paid Theme Work - Hemp Embassy (Nimbin NSW)

Hi how are you all?

I am looking for 3 things, the first one is someone who can come up with a better theme for the hemp embassy (www.hempembassy.net) that doesn't have IE problems.

It has to be 100% wide and similar to the existing one. See my creativity is to linear being more a programmer than a graphic designer and what they are running at the moment I just came up with out of the default theme shipped with XOOPS.

This work is not paid, but if you put a link like 'theme designed by' in the footer it will not be removed, as they are a not for profit that runs the mardigrass festive as well as does alot of work in australia and around the world to do with Marijunana which it would be ideal if you have tried it as well. Personally I stopped smoking the stuff for mambas sake and a few other peoples cause I can't motabolise it being that it needs and active 2*D6 enzyme to work properly which I don't have.

The second thing I need is a 100% theme for www.extraterrestrialembassy.com another unusal embassy which is how I got involved with converting the first one to XOOPS so their website made sense. You have to be use to having page impressions in UFO where they have time travel drives and you may in your de-javu have designed this previous and in the time anomonly well like me where history keeps repeating itself due to this site, it also runs XOOPS. Ideally it has to be 100% and light and both themes should use JQuery and can be released to the community.

This is a bit like a Job application as I regularily need themes made with 2 themes built in one for mobile computing using WURFL and the other for standard browser ie the following smarty code determines this:

<{if $mobile}>
Mobile Theme -->
Browser Theme -->

We will normally pay you $560 AUD (but if you want more let me know and I will charge the customer more for you) per theme for the commerical ones but these cannot be release to the public unless completely reskinned so none of the design is in place, oftern there is a mockup illustrator or photoshop file for the look and feel of the theme which we ask our clients for but sometimes. We where orginally doing this through one of the theme developers on here, but he has fallen off the face of the earth and left half the work not done so we fired him.

I have a feeling he was purchasing themes from somewhere when it was needed to be creative but I don't know. aph3x it helps to communicate mate, you let me and some of my clients down.

I want a long standing relationship with you as a graphic designer as i don't really have time to do this in my business chronolabs and means i can have delievery of complex IPTV Sites and stations quicker than having to do it all myself which I can do but I want to spread the wealth. I suggest you only apply if you know you can and have cut mockups before.

We normally charge the customer upfront trusting the work is done accordiantly and pay you accordiantly at 100% at the start as a 3rd partly contractor, but I first want to see what you do for these 2 not for profits sites so I know I can trust in your work and even show examples of it.

I don't want to be left paying you a sum of money for work I can do myself but would prefer someone with less linear creatiness and design skills to do that are more artistic than me, you need to be skilled in XHTML, HTML, CSS & illustrator and photoshop skilled.

If your interested, please contact me on the following details. I prefer skype for this work:

Skype: wishcraft555
MSN: lsd25@hotmail.com
Phone: +61-450-237-611
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Re: Community & Paid Theme Work - Hemp Embassy (Nimbin NSW)

I would like to thank Bleekk for making the Hemp Embassy Theme in-time for Mardi grass the majuana festival in nimbin sat, april every year.. Look fantastic and they where so pleased with the clean look it produced, you are a true theme craftman bleek.


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