XOOPS 2.5 en-GB files

In past XOOPS 2.0(let say13) was the most easiest and user friendly CMS. The terminology used by the core team was understandable, not like Drupal Taxonomy Term which means Sub-category.

So let's start with the things that should be reverted back to normal:

In Modules\Themes\Zetadigme\Language\English (English is only the name of the file):

16 define("THEME_PROFILE", "See profil");
17 define("THEME_EDITPROFILE", "Edit profil");

It's Profile

21 define("THEME_NOTREAD", "message non read");
You have %s unread messages or the developer means you don't have any new messages - what's exactly ?

25 define("THEME_KEYWORDS", "Put the keywords");
PUT, GET this can be used in the PHP code, not in the UI - Enter the keywords is ok, or just Keywords.

In Modules\Themes\Suico\Language\English:

Line 18:
define("THEME_RSS", "Feed RSS");
RSS Feed - acceptable, but Master Yoda way... not

Line 20:
define("THEME_DESC_SEARCH", "Search this site");
What else have to be searched ? Search in site - ok, but this - there is no options.

Line 21:
define("THEME_KEYWORDS", "Put the keywords");
Again PUT and GET in Code, not in UI.

Line 24:
define("THEME_THISBLOCK_EDIT", "Edit this block");
Definitely the author of this theme is non-English speaker, Edit Block - ok, but this... which else u can edit, since the option present only on the selected/hovered(Impress) block

Line 36:
define("THEME_MODULE2", "BBS");
BBS died with the release of Internet to Public, now people use Forums.

Lines 63-64:
define("THEME_MODULE2a", "Localization");
define("THEME_MODULE2a_DESC", "Localize us on a map");

Locate or Localization, which one ?

Line 77:
define("THEME_CONNECT", "Connexion");
Connection maybe or connect to what ?

Line 78:
Master Yoda again - define("THEME_LOSTACCOUNT", "Password lost ?"); // add for suico theme

Lost Password ? - ok, Forgotten Password - ok too, but Yoda... no way.

Line 81:
define("THEME_WELLCOME", "Wellcome");
WELLKOMEN can be in German, in English world is Welcome

Line 82:
define("THEME_PROFILE", "See profil");
Profile - wondering how in the core definition can be Profile, but as UI text Profil

Line 86:
define("THEME_NOTREAD", "message(s) no read");
Here we have another example of Yoda's typing, what's exactly the user have ?

Line 104:
define("_THEME_INBOX_NOTREAD", "message(s) no read");
Yoda for the win....

Line 106:
define("_THEME_PROFILE", "See profil");

Line 109: define("THEME_EDITPROFILE", "Edit profil");

Line 116: define("THEME_INSTALLEDMODULES", "Manage module(s)");
There is no XOOPS installation with 1 module, so (s) have to be dropped and replaced by modules.

Line 13 define("_THEME_INBOX_NOTREAD", "message(s) unread");

Line 20 define("THEME_EDITPROFILE", "Edit profil");

Line 24 define("THEME_NOTREAD", "message no read");

Line 28 define("THEME_KEYWORDS", "Keyword");

Line 38 define("THEME_INSTALLEDMODULES", "Manage module(s)");

Over several times everywhere in XOOPS 2.5 Language maintainer mess the words Directory and Folder, pick the one of this words and let it be.

You can't set up xoops_lib folder to be outside your xoops_root, and in the same time in File Manager to browse directories. This is ok for Nuke, not for XOOPS 2.0.13.


Line 24 define('_AM_SYSTEM_FILEMANAGER_GENERATE','Generated surcharge');
Someone don't speak English or the file was written late in midnight after several hours of codding, what this string have related to File Management ?

Line 26 define('_AM_SYSTEM_FILEMANAGER_FORCE_GENERATED','Forced the generate');
Forced is executed event, should be Force in that case.
Force Generation or something similar, but regarding the above line, SURCHARGE don't have any relations with File Management.


Line 14 define("_AM_SYSTEM_BANNERS_NAV_MANAGER","Banners Manager");
Banners Management maybe ?

Line 67 define("_AM_SYSTEM_BANNERS_NOBNRRUN","This client doesn't have any banner running now.");
Of course is "this", but right one bcz anyway u can't have 3 selected clients, is The Client don't.....

Line 74 define("_AM_SYSTEM_BANNERS_USEHTML","Use Html?");
Don't scare the poor user, XOOPS don't requires any HTML/PHP knowledge and in the same time you scare him with such strings

Custom Code ? is ok. He/She will know that the generated Custom Code by AdSense is for pasting there.

Line 75 define("_AM_SYSTEM_BANNERS_CODEHTML","Code Html:");
Custom code:

Line 11 define("_AM_SYSTEM_AVATAR_MANAGER","Avatars Manager");
Avatars Management

Writing Errors like this - define("_AM_SYSTEM_AVATAR_ERROR","Errors"); means nothing, ERRORS in CAPS (set by the code, Flashy, RED), so the user to see this notice that something is not right. Otherwise is just a message/notice/warning, not real use of it. Some modules made exact for 2.5 use the fading block coming in and out in the administration header, but some not.


Lines 11-12
define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_NAV_MANAGER","Users Manager");
define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_NAV_MAIN","Users Managment");

Is it Management and why 2 times ?

Line 27 define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_UID","Uid");
Everywhere in XOOPS is ID, except in Users... in Banners is ID, in Downloads is ID and in users is ID too.

Line 30 define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_UNAME","Uname");
Why not simplified - Username or User, what's this new word or u get some of the Drupal former developers in XOOPS core ?

Line 41 define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_REGDATE","Joined Date");
I may join in article reviewing history of XOOPS management, but in the user management is Registered Date. Joining/Leaving can be used in texts/reviews, such as
John Doe join's XOOPS Foundation in 2005 and pas away in 2011.

Lines 42-43
Have to be remapped in the theme as CSS buttons, translators are not Graphic Designers to make new buttons for every new release/module.

Line 51-52
define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_AIM","AIM Handle");
define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_YIM","YIM Handle");

Who uses those ? Skype is missing, FB is missing, no one uses AIM, since AIM took ICQ and Yahoo IM ? US (XP/Vista/7/8) users uses MSN by default, bcz Windows provide it. Lately if is required they may use and FB IM and Skype, but Yahoo..... no one.

Line 58 define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_EXTRAINFO","Extra Info");
Misc Info

Line 60 define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_OCCUPATION","Occupation");
Position, occupation can be used in CV, not in Internet Profile

Line 62 define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_URLC","URL contains");
This means ?

Line 75-76
define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_ASC","Ascending order");
define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_DESC","Descending order");
Of course it's order, the whole sequence is ordering, but who was said it in past - Simplicity is Power. This two lines can look like:

Line 98 define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_NICKNAME","Nickname");
This is misleading, XOOPS don't have ability (as far as I know), to use
Username field
Display Name field
and Real Name field
So this nickname should be Username or removed, Mithrandir XOOPS 2.2 have such ability (to display Display Name field), rest cores not.

Line 120 define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_STORIES","Stories");
Nuke have stories, modern world CMS have Articles... but XOOPS 2.5 don't have content module, so what for is this ?

Line 127 define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_CNGTST","Could not get total stories");
Same as above

Line 143 define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_NO_FOUND","No found users");
Master Yoda again
Not found any users, or no users match your criteria... ok, but current ?

Line 156 define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERS_PSEUDO_ERROR","User name %s already exists");

Username %s.....


Lines 15-21 Obsolete, but lets keep files larger as possible, who need those ?
Lines 27-33 Obsolete

Line 40 define("_MD_AM_ADMINML", "Admin mail address");
Mail is used for street address and Email for Internet

Theme, Theme Set, Template - What the hell is that. For 1 main operation and 2 sub operations for this operation THEMES, users have Theme set and Templates, the 3 words leads to Theme. Templates can't be used without picking a theme. So comparing to rest CMSystems, what we have - one big mess. Templates (Layouts) or Themes(Skins) can be in separate place. If someone used long time Joomla/Mambo/Mia decides to move to XOOPS - what will found here ? Theme which sets the positions which are strict, templates which are for decoration blocks and content and theme sets - packages based on one theme and several templates, everywhere being a part of the Theme as whole, no matter is it called Theme, Skin, Layout, Template. At least in one word for everything.

Theme is ok if Templates goes for Layouts, or Skins if Templates will remain templates. This is similar to View/Edit profile links, in user menu there are:
View Profile
Edit Profile
(edit profile is useless, bcz user can edit from View).

Line 55 define("_MD_AM_CUSTOM_REDIRECT_DESC", "replace old redirection by an jQuery redirection");

Description is almost ok, add BR here and add one line description what the hell is jGrowl.

Line 58 define("_MD_AM_MINPASS", "Minimum length of password required");
Required minimum length of password field - ok, but Yoda again ?

Line 64 define("_MD_AM_LOADINGIMG", "Display loading... image?");
This option is obsolete from XOOPS 1.3, it's no longer operational in any XOOPS after XOOPS 2.0.1. But still remains in language files (larger is better, messy is better)

Line 80 define("_MD_AM_BANNERS", "Activate banner ads?");
Activate Banners? Of course banners are for Ads, they're can't be articles or users.

Line 114 define("_MD_AM_CHNGUTHEME", "Change all users' theme");
Something is not right here.... Set the theme for all users, or something... but users' theme, ? Hmmm, have to check it.

Modules\Profile\English\modinfo (and this 4 files for one module, awful solution)

Line 11 define("_PROFILE_MI_EDITACCOUNT", "Edit Account");
In previous modules we edit the profile, here we edit the account. One word for all, what's this (like directory/folder).

Line 45 define("_PROFILE_MI_STEP_COMPLEMENTARY", "Complementary");
Advanced maybe ? (XOOPS is simple at first place, then OO, extensible)


Lines 59-66
This is what exactly ?

Still in same module
Line 74 define("_PM_UID","Partner's UID");
And this stands for ?

Line 75 (Variable or what ?)

It's ok to be added as separated file, but there are some misplacement.
MK - for half of the world is Macedonia for the rest is FYROM (sorry tovarishts, but not everyone title u as Macedonian, my "favorite" Greeks for example, there is no such country for them).

define('_COUNTRY_PS', 'Palestine');
This is (Occupied Territory) Palestine
Regarding this wrongly outdated Countries, most HSP uses en-GB for English (British) and en-US for English (American), none uses US for US and EN for English.

So locales looks like en-GB (related to GLIBC 2.1 where is symlink en-GB pointing to en_GB.UTF-8), bg-BG, en-US, en-AU (Australian) etc.

Line 26 define('_COUNTRY_AX', '?land Islands');
Which islands are those ? That's because u entered in the header - UTF8, but all the files are ANSI, when all files are corrected to UTF-8, then such ? will not exists anymore.

Line 18 define('_COUNTRY_AN', 'Netherlands Antilles');
This is like one of my clients requirements - Site will support only this 2 languages
German and Austrian.... what language is used in Austria, Russian probably.
50% of this countries are pointless, like Netherlands Antilles, do they're speak different language, or they're independent ? No. (After translation of Dolphin 7.0.7 I've found some similar places counted as Country, which no one knows about them, except CIA, small island near Australia - 15k population - Country. No ?????.

Line 54 define('_COUNTRY_CI', 'C?te D\'Ivoire');
ANSI for the win

Line 243 define('_COUNTRY_UK', 'United Kingdom');
UK stands for Ukrainian, GB is for United Kingdom.

Whole file should be avoided by translators - loose of time - plus the non-existing countries.


Comments remains unchanged from XOOPS 1.3, and this site was affected few months ago, by this bug. No reCaptcha support at all. Why ?

Missing string pointing the user to go to php.net/blah-blah regarding date format, bcz not everyone likes dd-mm-yy

Line 6 define('_BANNERS_MANAGEMENT', 'Advertising Managment');
New 20 - Everywhere is manager, here Advertising instead of Banners and it's Management.

Line 53 define('_US_INVALIDMAIL', 'ERROR: Invalid email');
Nothing wrong with this definitions, except that in previous modules for the administration is Error, here is with CAPS. One way for both sides.

Line 77-78
define('_US_AIM', 'AIM');
define('_US_YIM', 'YIM');
Useless, outdated

Line 81 define('_US_OCCUPATION', 'Occupation');

Line 84 define('_US_EXTRAINFO', 'Extra Info');
Misc Info


Line 22 define('_TZ_GMTP2', '(GMT+2:00) Athens, Istanbul, Minsk, Helsinki, Jerusalem, South Africa');
Well, Jerusalem is not in +0200 GMT, but Sofia is.
Israel is +0300
Minks is not +0200

This TZ looks like the old Windows 95, where we was placed in +0100.
From the installation procedure all charset related strings with whole option to choose different then UTF-8 charset should be removed, this will resolve half of the problems. No select, just UTF-8 for all, no more "Why I see this ??? instead of name of blah". Check the neighborhood - does Drupal or Joomla provide such options, or WordPress ?

PHPMailer is already translated in more then English languages, your subfolder containing PHPMailer is outdated (at least as languages).

tinyMCE have more translations even then Joomla!, still XOOPS 2.5 shows only English. This is pointless double work for nothing (if someone decide to translate tinyMCE, when is already translated).

(Damn I should change my avatar to something else :) )
May The Source Be With You!

Re: XOOPS 2.5 en-GB files
  • 2011/10/6 16:31

  • Mamba

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DCrussader, excellent work! Whatever we can do to improve XOOPS and make it easier to use, is very much appreciated. Keep the improvement suggestions coming, and we'll work on them.

Reg. TinyMCE translations, they were removed to keep the XOOPS size smaller. The other languages should be included in the local versions of XOOPS, i.e. the French translation should be with French version of XOOPS.
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: XOOPS 2.5 en-GB files


Reg. TinyMCE translations, they were removed to keep the XOOPS size smaller.

That's bad idea, put files back for tinyMCE core and plugins lang files and u will see, not big difference, TAR.GZ squish them enough. 7ZIP for ZIP files too. Both are available in GNU Linux and MS Windows.

And no one says in GNU General Warez License v2/3 what package manager should be used for distributions.

.TAR.BZ2 for GNU
.7z for Windows (available from JZIP, 7ZIP, WinRAR) - there is no windows users without RAR, and no GNU user without BZ2.

And there is one critical missleading bug, once you're login in your fresh XOOPS install, in the right column there is :

To make content you must first install some modules. After that, you can publish your articles. To instal modules use this article and for downloading modules go to : XOOPS site

The words "this article" lead tohttp://domain.tld/modules/system/help.php?mid=1&page=modulesadmin which is brief help and nothing regarding content. Fix it to XOOPS wiki if exists or to fmContent (or article with brief description regarding module) on SF.NET, since is the only fully 2.5 compatible module with Categories, Sub-Categories, Content and usability of the editors.

and XOOPS must adopt content module, otherwise is just platform. For devs, not for users.

Andhttps://xoops.org/viewpmsg.php where is supposed to give my inbox, gives me option to download and to save the file
May The Source Be With You!

Re: XOOPS 2.5 en-GB files
  • 2011/10/10 1:02

  • Mamba

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Well, Jerusalem is not in +0200 GMT, but Sofia is.
Israel is +0300
Minks is not +0200

I just checked, and according tohttp://www.timeanddate.com, both Jerusalem and Minsk are GMT +2

Andhttps://xoops.org/viewpmsg.php where is supposed to give my inbox, gives me option to download and to save the file

I cannot reproduce it. Can you show us a screenshot?
Use 2.5.10 | Docs | Modules | Bugs

Re: XOOPS 2.5 en-GB files

Real Time Zones -http://www.geographicguide.com/planet/time-zones.htm
How country 5 zones away from my country Bulgaria can be in the same zone ?
Germany is +1, Bulgaria is +2, Romania is +2, Istanbul is +2 and 5, 000 km away is Israel. Some sites provide very bad information.
Edit: Let it be, +/-30 minutes is not big loose, just add it like Fedora and Windows.

Same is for the countries, St. Neville and Kitties (fumy island, far, far away in the galaxy, can't be counted as independent country), 15,000 population, English language, GB Common Law. McDonald islands - same crap. (Occupied Territory) Palestine - yeah, could be. Still such country Palestine don't exist. Same for Macedonia, officially this country don't have name, half of the world count them as FYROM, rest as Macedonia. Tell to Greek that Macedonia exist and u will see the reaction. They're (in most cases) Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia. Till there is no official statement, is better to remain as FYROM (and if there is space to add /Macedonia).

Back to languages:
Protector language files are Chinese translated by Google Translator to English and the result is amazing.

If you can look an image -NG- or the link returns normal pageyour XOOPS_TRUST_PATH is not placed properlyThe best place for XOOPS_TRUST_PATH is outside of DocumentRoot. If you cannot do thatyou have to put .htaccess (DENY FROM ALLjust under XOOPS_TRUST_PATH as the second best way."

This means ? If you can view something -ng- then ?

Check php files inside TRUST_PATH are private (it must be 404,403 or 500 error");

Private ? Is there such permission in Unix/Linux/Windows Environments ?

This setting invites a variety of injecting attacks.<br />If you can put .htaccessedit or create...");

Let's scare the poor user to the max, how Setting can do injecting attacks ?


This setting allows attackers to execute arbitrary scripts on remote servers.<br />Only administrator can change this option.<br />If you are an admin, edit php.ini or httpd.conf.<br /><b>Sample of httpd.conf:<br /> &nbsp; php_admin_flag &nbsp; allow_url_fopen &nbsp; off</b><br />Else, claim it to your administrators.");

This setting allows your site to be hacked.... nice module. Wondering how is translated by the rest.

This setting invites 'SQL Injections'.<br />Don't forget turning 'Force sanitizing *' on in this module's preferences.");

Another good feature, this setting invites something bad to your site. Well, get Chinese translator with English knowledge to rewrite Protector files.

Regarding PM module on this page

Returns blank page or possibility to download some php file, instead to show what's there.
May The Source Be With You!

Re: XOOPS 2.5 en-GB files

In \modules\system\language\english\admin\userrank.php
Line 36 define("_AM_SYSTEM_USERRANK_TIPS_FORM2","<li>Max uploaded files size: %s ko</li></ul>");

Size is in KB, Ko is for Frenches only. They're out of this world. Whole world says Computer, for them is Ordinator.

In \modules\system\language\english\blocks.php
Line 33:
define("_MB_SYSTEM_LOGO","Logo image file under %s directory");

Logo Image is located under.....

Those from Line 19 to 28, must be taken out
define("_MB_SYSTEM_SUBMS","Submitted News");
define("_MB_SYSTEM_WLNKS","Waiting Links");
define("_MB_SYSTEM_BLNK","Broken Links");
define("_MB_SYSTEM_MLNKS","Modified Links");
define("_MB_SYSTEM_WDLS","Waiting Downloads");
define("_MB_SYSTEM_BFLS","Broken Files");
define("_MB_SYSTEM_MFLS","Modified Downloads");
define("_MB_SYSTEM_TDMDOWNLOADS","Waiting Downloads");
define("_MB_SYSTEM_EXTGALLERY","Waiting Photos");

Except TDM Downloads probably (which is in French English again), nothing else is supported by 2.5.

Line 50:
define("_MB_SYSTEM_THWIDTH", "Screenshot image width");
Screenshot position, it's already known as image, there is no need to enter it two times. No one can attach video clip as screenshot in current XOOPS cores.
May The Source Be With You!

Re: XOOPS 2.5 en-GB files


Line 15 define("_AM_SYSTEM_BLOCKS_CLONEBLOCK","Create a clone block");
Copy block - yeah, could be, but clones are for ....far, far away in the galaxy.

Line 48 define("_AM_SYSTEM_BLOCKS_VISIBLEIN","Visible in");
Visible for - page (/modules/module-name/)

Line 54 define("_AM_SYSTEM_BLOCKS_USEFULTAGS","Useful Tags:");
Possible Containers of use or something like that, Content Tags don't have any relations with X custom codes.

Line 46 define("_AM_SYSTEM_BLOCKS_WEIGHT","Weight");
Weight can be used for Product Weight, not for blocks/modules, this is position, order, sort order. For Drupal is weight, but thanks to they're mix of Middle-Earth English and they're product leader vision - Subcategory is translated as Taxonomy Term. I don't want Drupal 2.

For the blocks as whole, there are 3 formats of entering custom codes in to blocks.

1. SIMPLE aka Plain text (where I can put code from Google AdSense for example)
2. HTML aka Rich Text format (where I can put Formatted text)
3. Simple with option to execute standalone PHP Code.

Current XOOPS, have 4 useless
1. Custom Block (HTML) - OK, let it be
2. Custom Block (PHP) - OK, this is good build-in core feature
3. Custom Block (with smiles, in present day CMS is Emoticon) - useless
4. Custom Block (without smiles, same as PLAIN text).

Line 74 define.................. If you wish to disable this block, deactivate the module
This is stupid, I want to disable the specific block, there is no need to deactivate section of the site. Eg. if I want to disable let say Latest Download, i should turn off the whole section Downloads.... Mean-less.
May The Source Be With You!

Re: XOOPS 2.5 en-GB files

In \language\english\captcha.php
Hmm, so many years and nothing about reCaptcha. Build in captcha doesn't work so good as reCaptcha and the prove was here 1-2 months ago, where comments was spammed by bots.

Go at the end of this section -http://d7.cmsbg.info/join.php
Do u see the build-in captcha ? No, no one can joins, bcz some restrictions applies on a shared hosting, but if there was a support for reCaptcha such problem and spamming comments/forums - can't exists.

Sometimes spammers override reCaptcha too (when is used in non-SSL mode), but this is in very rare cases, for such cases, there are custom options (I love how SMF devs works there), the custom options are like Poll in registration. Are you human, bot ? True - enters the site, False - go away. Or simply by, which is the capital of Germany - when bot fails, registration fails too.

Current Captcha should be removed if can't be replaced by SSL reCaptcha. Causes more troubles, then to solve them.
May The Source Be With You!

Re: XOOPS 2.5 en-GB files

In language\english\comment.php

Line 10 define('_CM_DOAUTOWRAP', 'Auto wrap lines');
This should be build in function, since comments are made for users, it must be user friendly. No option to disable it, the user goes to comment something if he/she likes/dislikes what's written there.

Line 17 define('_CM_POSTCOMMENT', 'Post Comment');
Comment, Publish, Submit.... all are ok, but Post Comment ?

Line 23 define('_CM_POSTED', 'Posted'); // Posted date

Line 26 define('_CM_POSTER', 'Poster');
Author, what's this Poster or Poser maybe :) ?

Line 35 define('_CM_THANKSPOST', 'Thanks for posting!');
Thanks for your comments!

Line 36 define('_CM_NOTICE', "The comments are owned by the poster. We aren't responsible for their content.");
The comments are owned by the author.
That's enough, 2nd line is pointless. Bcz you, the author of the site provides such ability to comment, if someone enter racist comment to thread and admin allows this comment to stay on the article, he is involved in that activity, by allowing such comments to remains. So "we arent responsible" is not quite true. Contact Lawyer.

Line 41 define('_CM_COMANONPOST', 'Allow anonymous post in comments?');

Allow guests to comment yeah, could be, but yours ?
Anonymous publications in comments - double meaning.
BUG: During all those changes to the core, currently is unable old user registered from 2.0.x to change any field in the profile.

ERROR: Email address already registered.

When I tried to fill the location (why is required, this non-sense field)
To fill Google Talk, Skype.

Facebook missing description, while the visitor eg. me, point the mouse pointer over Facebook, to come popup description, what exactly should I enter there.

BUG: What for XOOPS uses GD2, since I have to re-sample my new avatar and to upload it. Will let Yoda to stay, till GD is fully utilized there. This is again in non-user friendly policy.
Everywhere in XOOPS, MIME types should be replaced.
Allowed Extensions types - yeah, this is ok.
The field whit allowed extension types, must looks like this
Allowed extensions: [.zip, .rar, .tar, .gz] etc. Current way is ok too, but for experienced web users, this percent is small. - Non-user friendly is to force user to type something that:
1. Is not understandable
2. Is not printed anywhere and changes every day
3. To search over the net, how to assign XLS file.
May The Source Be With You!

Re: XOOPS 2.5 en-GB files
  • 2011/10/11 12:50

  • trabis

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DCrussader wrote:
Hmm, so many years and nothing about reCaptcha. Build in captcha doesn't work so good as reCaptcha and the prove was here 1-2 months ago, where comments was spammed by bots.

We have reCaptcha on XOOPS > 2.5.2. There is also Assira catpcha available on Frameworks(SVN only).


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