Bootstrap (from Twitter) & XOOPS
  • 2011/9/5 4:15

  • insraq

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I believe many people would agree with me that XOOPS lacks a UI standard. The so-called old standard (based on table) is mostly depreciated. And different module developers create layout using different markups, which makes styling really difficult. I would suggest that XOOPS should have a new UI standard, where developers can simply copy & paste code snippets to create UI elements and designers can have a standard way to styling those markups.

One of the most popular UI element standard is Bootstrap from Twitter. It has just enough markups and the style is quite general. I suggest that we should create a XOOPS UI Standard based on Bootstrap, so ease the pain of both developers and designers.

What do you guys think?

Ref Bootstrap: http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/
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Re: Bootstrap (from Twitter) & XOOPS
  • 2011/9/5 5:57

  • Mamba

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Absolutely LOVE IT!

Unless there is something better out there, Bootstrap should be in XOOPS 2.6

I hope, our new Design team can take this task and make it happen. Who would like to join and help with it?

BTW - would it make sense to merge it somehow with http://jqueryui.com/, so we could take advantage of the ThemeChanger there?
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Re: Bootstrap (from Twitter) & XOOPS
  • 2011/9/5 10:32

  • Tarik

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I think too that it will make a great add to xoops.
it will give a big push to xoops GUI
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Re: Bootstrap (from Twitter) & XOOPS
  • 2011/9/5 11:46

  • sabahan

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this will be nice addition to xoops..


Re: Bootstrap (from Twitter) & XOOPS
  • 2011/9/5 11:57

  • ForMusS

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I agree with you, and we can thinks to include it with block.
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+1 Re: Bootstrap (from Twitter) & XOOPS
  • 2011/9/5 14:06

  • chco2

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I was pro the 960-style. But this is well documented and way much more versatile. (I actually liked the 960-style because it has less options). Giving both designers and programmers much more flexibility. Go for it!


p.s. I really hate it when I see a typo and want to correct it and xoops tells me to take a break for 30 secs.. Any idea what I can do in 30 secs

p.p.s. Insraq, I also think you should get a nice black hat, like from 'Singing in the rain' or heck even the Live performance hat of Billy Jean ;)
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