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Posted on: 2011/7/31 15:54
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#PHP #IRC #Chat - #XOOPS is Fast once you get going!!

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PHP IRC Chat - Channel website & PHP Help

Welcome to #PHP which is part of the Austnet Community. #PHP Is an IRC Chat channel which is designed for discussion on the development and implementation of the programming language called PHP. This includes all facists of the language whether it be a LAMP or WAMP environment or something else entirely. From seeking help with installing PHP on a Unix or Windows machine to intermediate and advanced programming topics - #PHP is for you if you are a begineer to advanced programmer and develop in PHP.

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Modules Used:
  • Profile 1.70
  • Twitter Bomb 1.09
  • IRC 1.02
  • WFLinks (JSON Validation)
  • MyAlbum-p
  • SmartFAQ
  • xNEWs
  • X-Aggregator
  • XForum
  • Xortify 2.51
  • Spiders 2.71
  • X-Center
  • Lawsuit 2.50
  • SmartPartner

Really as an SDLC goes, this is over a year of development to make a site like this as I did in 3 hours. THe software i used has been developed over the last 4 years however making a site only take a few moments with XOOPS Once you get going.

This site is for the PHP Community on austnet, however it is a quiet channel for people to join to do with PHP Development, I am one of the admins in this channel but I enjoy other realities as well. THe development of this site took a total of 4 hours, but in actuality it was many years of work that made deploying a site in 4 hours possible.

URL: http://phpircchat.com
URL2: irc://irc.austnet.org:6667
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