Major Versions of Xoops.

I am working on a series of projects and one of them will be trying to document the differences between the various versions of core. Listing depreciated functions, removed functions etc..

But I need to know the major versions to compare.

As I am looking at them right now...


Future will be 2.5 and 3.0

Are these the current major versions?

I am assuming for instance that if I document 2.0.18 it should cover everything from 2.0 to 2.0.18 since everything inbetween should be bug or security fixes and not include anything new.

This is working towards documenting everything as I work towards updating the Wiki as much as I can.


Re: Major Versions of Xoops.
  • 2010/9/4 23:30

  • ghia

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Future will be 2.5 and 3.0

Are these the current major versions?

This will cover already the biggest lot and you will have already a big task with it.

(Once there was also a version 2.2.6, covering a lot of interesting features, still not implemented in the current versions.)

Re: Major Versions of Xoops.
  • 2010/9/5 11:25

  • Peekay

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Good luck with that project.

Hopefully, the people who know what the changes were and how they may have affected module operation might actually help.
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Re: Major Versions of Xoops.

Thanks, I know it is a huge project to work on by hand so I am considering a coding solution that could do most of the work for me.

But the starting point is to make sure I know what versions I need to look at.

My other projects seem to be moving along but I keep running into these interconnected things that seem to need to also be done before I feel comfortable in completing the others...

Re: Major Versions of Xoops.

I am trying to research some things right now but my intention at this point in time is to create a module that will pull from the api documentation and hopefully create this for me.

I need the API documentation in XML format however to accomplish this.

I am looking at things to support in such a module...

The module will be a sort of "versions comparison" module designed to work with multiple programs but will be programmed with the xoops API in mind.

Will load the XML versions of the API documentation into the module.

Then the intention is to build a table. This table will have the name of the function or class, a brief description of it and then each version will have a column for comments.

The description will be the latest version available.

The comments will be single letters or symbols in the column for the version number. At this point I can see comments for:
current function/class
new function/class

Anything else I should be looking for?
The moved, removed and new comments would be from that version compared to the version before it.

If someone is more interested in a particular function or class and they click on it then the API record for each version will be listed with any pertinent information. For instance if a function or class is depreciated it should show the new one to use in its place.

I am having trouble finding something that will convert CHM files into XML files so I am guessing I will have to use doxygen to make XML files from the original code. I could convert to HTML but want to use the XML capabilities of PHP to do most of the work for me.

Work Smarter not harder as we say around here.. ;)



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