Updating and cleaning up the Wiki

I am currently going through the Wiki trying to clean it up and organize it.

I am working on the Module development documentation right now and I am looking for any tutorials or other external sources of documentation that is not already listed in the Wiki.

For any PDF's they will just be added as links as a couple already are.

I plan to copy the main text of any tutorials that are on another site over to preserve the contents but also provide links to the original content. I of course will attempt to contact the author before I try to put their stuff online here besides the link.


Re: Updating and cleaning up the Wiki


I have run into somewhat of a wall with the Wiki online here and have decided to devote time to upgrading the mediawiki module to mediawiki 1.16.0.

Joomla has a plugin that allows it to work with pretty much any of the mediawiki versions from the older one such as the one online here to the newest version available. My intention is to use this and the mediawiki module Dj made as a base to make a new module compatible with the newest versions of mediawiki.

Will post more when it is available. However for now I don't plan to do much to the wiki as is until I have this new version available.

However please do visit the Module Development Page and add to the list of needed tutorials. If there is a request for a tutorial that you know about please write a tutorial about it. If you are not sure how to put it in the wiki feel free to PM me and I will be more then happy to include it for you.

Hopefully once the new mediawiki is available we will be able to do more with it.

I will need testers for this once I have it working. But I will post a news article when I have it working to a point I feel comfortable with it.


Re: Updating and cleaning up the Wiki
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  • bumciach

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Good initiative!
Regardless of the tutorials in pdf, it is good to move at least some information from those files to the wiki. I am thinking, for example, XOOPS Module Structure Function (PDF). This will enable collaboration over documentation.

Re: Updating and cleaning up the Wiki

That is my intention to do bumciach, but I need tutorials of some sort on them to start with.

I am a beginning xoops programmer and alot of the things I have no clue on yet. Kind of taking things on as a learning experience but want to document things as I go along to better remember them in the future as well as help others who want to do the same.

I want to end up with a variety of topics in the wiki that you can look at separately as you need them but then you can always go to the tutorials to get more information. Kind of like how I have like 6 different PHP books here at home.

My biggest complaint about the documentation is that you cant find anything.. So I am hoping to fix that... But will not be an over night thing.



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