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Posted on: 2009/10/8 1:23
wishcraft (Show more)
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http://mob.xoops.org - Mobile Theme Design Contest!!

Well with the new XOOPS site, some mobile phones how ever current will not support all the advance. Personally I think we should have Theme Design Contest for the theme design. This is a fantastic theme you have made for front face Bit.

I have tried it on blazer on the palm centro and it is out of it render but a theme like this now with (WCAG2 - Support) will have all the talkie boards and brail boards working with the forms. You will as seen have to work on something for a none clear:right; for the label of course with option boxes.

With the mobile theme you must utilize WURFL for selectable theme css set for image types as well as size set on width of the phone display, no jquery, just CHTML and XHTML preset themes. It has to be resound-ably light. For quick but still as presentable as amazing theme like wox..

Well Done!!


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Posted on: 2009/10/8 8:28
Yurdal (Show more)
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Re: http://mob.xoops.org - Mobile Theme Design Contest!!

A (standard) Mobile Theme for XOOPS would be awesome
Wordpress has a similar plugin to convert your website automatic to a mobile theme.
Is it possibble to make this for XOOPS ?